California Department of Education Releases Proposed Academic Curriculum with Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish Bias.

Recently, The California Department of Education released a proposed curriculum for its public schools for the next academic year. 

Along with myriad Jewish and Israel advocacy groups, we were beyond shocked to see what was buried inside the proposed curriculum. Deep seated bias against Jews and the State of Israel were laced throughout.

The proposed curriculum describes Jews and Israel as “part of interlocking systems of oppression and privilege”. Going on to endorse the anti-Semitic BDS movement, and mandating lesson plans on its leaders such as Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar.

Additionally, the ethnic studies portion includes lessons on targeted minority groups who have been victimized here in the United States. The list of targeted minorities excludes the Jewish community despite being the most targeted victims of hate crimes with regards to their population.

If approved, this anti-Semitic curriculum would be taught to students in all public high schools across California. Shame on the State of California for allowing anti-Semitism and bigotry to be institutionalized in this way. We need to call out anti-Semitism to defeat it, not teach our next generation of Americans to think in this hateful way.